Best PS2 Roms in 2021 (PlayStation 2 Game ISO)

There are millions of free ISO files available for the PS2 Emulator but finding the best PS2 ROMs is a little bit hard. So, in today’s article, I came up with top 5 best and most downloaded games ISO files for PlayStations 2 Emulator around the world.

You can easily download them with the provided link and then you will be able to play any of your favourite game directly on PC. However, it may not list the game you love because here you will only find the most downloaded PS2 games.

What is PS2 Roms?

ROM is the short name of Read-Only-Memory that contains games files and its data in a readable form. In this way, PS2 ROMs comes in the form of an ISO image similar to the Windows ISO. The reason behind this is PS2 has the CD-based games so that’s why we get an ISO file.

In this file, a game is stored with all its data so by default we cannot directly play the game through ISO image but we have to first mount it to the Emulator and then it will be able to read its data. When the mounting is done you will see the game will after a while.

These ROMs doesn’t work unless you have a working BIOS file because PCSX2 works with the help of the BIOS file. If a user has the emulator and the ROM but no BIOS file He/She won’t be able to run any of the game. However make sure to first download this file by using the link given and then install it, after this, you can continue reading this guide: PS2 BIOS Download

Best Ps2 Roms in 2020

Ok, so as we understand abut these ROMs and the ISO files now we can move to our today’s best PS2 Roms list. This list is based on the most downloads as well as the rating so if you think this is an incorrect list of something is missing please make sure to suggest us below.

So, let’s check out the below list:

Tekken 5


Tekken 5 released by the Namco in 2004 for arcades only but after one year in 2005 they also released it for the PlayStation 2 consoles. This is also known by different names like Iron Fist 5, Tekken 5 – Dark Resurrection, 鉄拳5 DARK RESURRECTION etc.

It is a multiplayer fighting game that can be played 1 vs 1 or even play in story mode where you have to fight with all the villains. After completing all matches with every villain or characters in Tekken you will have to fight with the boss Jinpachi Mishima (father of Heihachi Mishima) and this is unplayable character.

This game was downloaded 1,121,651 from CoolRom, with the rating of 4.77/5 with 6,511 votes. Instead of this, it is also downloaded 1,17,849 times from WowRoms which makes this game one of the best PS2 games ever.

God of War II


God of War II is an action & adventure game that is released in 2007 by Santa Monica Studio and is published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This game is based on Greek mythology and the character which is introduced is named as Kratos which is the second God of War after killing Ares. Kratos was betrayed by the Zeus and he killed him but he was saved by the Titan Gia.

The gameplay is based on Kratos who now wants revenge with the Zeus and then he started training and thought him some new techniques. This is a single-player game with the third-person perspective view and player can control Kratos and view in a fixed camera. It has the main weapon which is Athena’s Blade and secondary can be required after killing an enemy.

The total file size of this game is around 5.8GB and also it is downloaded 4,535,674 times from CoolRom with the total rating of 4.73/5 with 45,449 votes. Even though it is also downloaded 4,19,233 from another website named WowRoms.

Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas


Grand Theft Auto or GTA is the game that is developed and launched by Rockstar Games. This game was released back in 2004 and it is an adventure game. It is the 7th game of GTA series that is launched by Rockstar and it was released after the famous GTA Vice City. This is based on a man named CJ or Carl Johnson who left the Los Santos because of the pressure in the family.

After some time his mother was murdered and so he came back and saw his friend and family fall apart. He has to control over the street and to kill many gangsters. In this game, you can play as a CJ and it has third-perspective camera view that can be adjusted. Here you can drive cars, boats, fly the aeroplane and many other things, even though it can also swim in the water, unlike Vice City.

Total file size of this game is around 2.3GBs so make sure to have enough storage before downloading. If we talk about ratings than it gets 4.8/5 from 66,383 total votes in CoolRom. So, it has been downloaded 9,117,256 times from CoolRom and 469371 times from WowRoms.

Final Fantasy X


This is a role-playing game (RPG) which was released in the year of 2001 and is developed by Square which is the 10th game of Final Fantasy. After this game went viral and played a lot by people they relaunched another version which is called Final Fantasy X Remastered and now it has HD graphics and is totally changed this was released in 2003 but it is only available for PlayStation 3 and 4.

The game is based on a boy named Tidus who was one day awaken at an unknown place. A monster named as Sin destroyed his homeland Zanarkand so he is planning to revenge from the Sin. After he arrived at the Spira he met with Yuna and then both starts searching for the monster. The game is very addictive and that’s the reason why they relaunched in 2013 with updated graphics.

If we talk about the downloads than it is downloaded 7,450,402 times from CoolRom and got the rating of 4.83/5 with 5,598. However, it is also downloaded from WowRoms 63,047 because many people comment that the file is not working. The total file size of Final Fantasy X game ROM is around 3.38GB so free up your storage before playing this awesome game.

Resident Evil 4


You may surely know this name before as it is based on the Film named Resident Evil. This is horror third-person game that is developed by the Capcom Production Studio. It was first released for the GameCube in 2005 and it was the GameCube exclusive release.

After they get too much fame from GameCube they released it for other platforms as well and the developers focused on its’s graphics, voice, acting. However, after this Resident Evil, 4 was considered as the best game ever made. Even though they got too many games of the year awards.

The game features Leone S. Kennedy who was sent on the mission to rescue the daughter of the president Ashley Gorham. President daughter was kidnapped by some cult and then Leone S. Kenney went to a village in Europe where he faced people that were infected by mind controller parasite. He then met with Ada Won who is a spy and then both reunite and start searching for his daughter.

This game is totally downloaded 4,859,067 times from the CoolRom and having the rating of 4.82/5 with 43,981 votes. However, it is also downloaded 43,981 times from the WowRom, the total size is around 2.95GB.


After reading the guide I hope you understand what is PS2 Roms and why it is necessary to download for the PCSX2 Emulator. However, in bonus, I have shared some best PS2 games ROMs that you must try if you have recently downloaded the emulator. These are my own favourite and you will surely gonna love this as millions of people are already playing it.

My personal favourite is GTA – San Andreas as I love playing games with a story. The gameplay is also awesome as we get guns or we can steal cars from roads etc. However, it also offers some mission which after completing we get rewards. This is totally amazing I would recommend you to must play this game if you love other GTA games.

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