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Which PS2 Bios To Use For PCSX2 [Best Selection 2021]

Find the best and suitable Ps2 Bios for PCSX2 is very hard whenever you have many options so if you are facing such problem then this guide is for you. As in today’s article, we are going to discuss which file you have to download to run your favourite games.

Since PCSX2 is the best emulator that is used to play many PlayStation games totally free on computers. That’s the reason why some people contributed in it that provides Bios files so as there are many files available people find it hard to get a suitable one.

What Is PS2 Emulator

Before proceeding to the guide it is very necessary to learn about this emulator. So, basically it is a program that pretends to be a normal PlayStation 2. When a user installed this Emulator named as PCSX2 on their computer they will be able to play almost every game from PS2.

But the problem is it requires their Bios files, these are the firmware files that help emulator thinks that it is an official machine. These files will help them to run keyboard as a Joystick and also help to show screen and play music through speakers.

That’s why choosing the right file is really important as it also impacts on the speed and graphics for games. For example, if you use the latest emulator but the bios files are too old you may face low-end graphics and poor performance.

Choose PS2 Bios To Use For PCSX2


Since we understand how useful are these files now its time to learn how to find the best and suitable files for yourself. The link that is provided here has almost 14+ bios files so you have to check every file by yourself.

Because most of the times the file that I use will not work for others or it creates some problem like damage graphics, keyboard not working and other common issues. That’s the reason why you have to check every file to easily find a suitable one.

Note: Don’t use file labelled as SCPH10000.bin since its very old and many websites provide this but it has some compatibility issues. I have checked this and find it very slow also graphics quality is too poor so download any other package instead of this.

To Download Ps2 Bios just follow the link given below:

How do I run PS2 bios on PCSX2?

To run PS2 bios in PCSX2 emulator first make sure to download suitable bios files from above link and Emulator from home Page. After downloading and installing just launch this program in Windows or whatever OS you are using.

Now click on Config button > Select choose BIOS files directory > locate files where you downloaded > Choose .bin extension file and you are done.

To read complete step by step guide just follow this link: How To Install & Use PS2 Bios

Are downloading ps2 BIOS illegal?

No downloading bios files isn’t illegal at all as we are not using any pirated program but using a small Emulator which is totally legal. But in case you are looking to download paid games for free than it is illegal in many countries.

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